DJI Inspire 3


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  • Full-frame 8K/75fps ProRes RAW
  • Full-frame 8K/25fps CinemaDNG
  • Dual Native ISO
  • 80° Tilt Boost or 360° Pan Dual Configurations
  • High Dynamic Range of 14+ Stops
  • 1/1.8-inch Ultra-Wide Night-Vision FPV Camera
  • Centimeter-Level RTK Positioning and Waypoint Pro
  • O3 Pro Video Transmission with Dual-Control
  • DL-Mount Lens Selection

DJI Inspire 3

The Inspire 3 is compatible with DJI’s newest remote control gear, the RC Plus, and supports its dual-control mode, which allows one person to operate only the cinema camera while another, for instance, controls the drone using a front first-person view (FPV) camera. The FPV lens is a 161-degree ultrawide that is mounted in front of a 1/1.8-inch night vision sensor. It only requires a 90ms transmission delay to reach the RC Plus’ 7-inch 1,200 nits screen.

360° Pan and Tilt Boost

The Inspire 3 has options for 360° Pan and Tilt Boost. Tilt Boost enables 80° upward-angle shooting without any obstacles.

O3 Pro Video Transmission

A maximum transmission distance of 15 kilometres [3] and low latency live feeds in 1080p/60 fps and 4K [4]. includes a dual control mode as well.

DJI PRO Ecosystem Support [6]

The DJI High-Bright Remote Monitor, DJI Master Wheels, and DJI Three-Channel Follow Focus are all supported by Inspire 3, which improves coordination.

1/1.8-inch Low-Light FPV Camera

A brand-new 1/1.8-inch sensor FPV camera that can provide live feeds at up to 1080p/60 frames per second and has 3 m pixels with a 161° ultra-wide DFOV.

RTK and Waypoint Pro

Flying becomes more exact and stable thanks to centimetre-level RTK location [5], which greatly enhances features like the brand-new Waypoint Pro.

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DJI Inspire 3


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